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About Boulder City, NV - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

While the founding of Boulder City occurred while Las Vegas was humble in volume with approximately 5,000 residents, it was in point of fact the establishment of the disintegration of cities in Clark County. This shift to scatter to numerous centers started in 1943 and was based around the magnesium industry. But, that was before the sleepy desert town of Las Vegas was “Vegas.” Now, this area bases most of its commerce around the casinos, hotels, and restaurants that are the pride of the city. But, there are many living in the suburbs, too.

An immense source of pride in the area is the Hoover Dam.  Boulder City demonstrates their pride in the dam with many museums, events and even hotels named for it. The town also shows its great sense of humor by playing on its proximity to the structure.  They call themselves the "Best City By A Dam Site" and the municipality hosts a yearly event of short subject films, which they call "The Dam Short Film Festival".  The “Get Off My Dam Lawn" gardening festival is also as fun as its name is clever.

Many people move to the area looking for work, fun and an active and upbeat atmosphere but they may tire of the neon lights or need an escape to somewhere a bit less overwhelming. This is certainly true for parents and young families. So, living outside of Vegas is ideal for many people. This is all a part of the decentralization discussed earlier. There is much about the Vegas area that is attractive to youthful people, entrepreneurs, entertainers, chefs, filmmakers, and the like. The hub of the gambling and entertainment industry is located on the Las Vegas Strip, which is known for its many resorts, restaurants, hotels, and casinos. In addition, the weather in this area is really great for people who just don’t like cold weather. It is never cold in this desert town.  It also makes a great vacation spot for swimming, sunning and showing skin.  The Strip is about 4 miles long and, surprisingly, is actually sited directly south of the Las Vegas city limits and is officially in Paradise, NV and Winchester, NV.